Showbox Captcha [Fix], VK Sign Up Error In App New Update

Showbox, it is an extraordinary platform to watch the every single new film and shows. From the last week onwards, it was not able to play any pictures in it. Just demonstrated the slip, Showbox Video unavailable try another server. You can get Showbox for Android and Showbox for Windows PC. At present, later making a few major changes and settling a few issues in the application, clients are continuously getting the Showbox Captcha in the app. Regardless of the possibility that they attempt it for more number of times, they are not getting it correctly. Later releasing the two quick updates on this app, still it is unable to solve this problem. In this basic post, I’ll demonstrate to you the best approach to skip this issue on Android or on PC.

The updates are relinquished in very short time, one is for fixing the error of video/server and the second one is for Captcha. First one is fine, when we consider that error fix, but raised another one that is Captcha. On this July 28 2015, these two new versions were came. When you tap on any film, it requested to enter the Show Box captcha and sign into VK.Com website, which is a server facilitating site for this app. Thus, here is the fix for Show Box VK sign up as well as captcha.

showbox captcha

Showbox Captcha Fix In App New Update

Here I’ve cited two possibilities to get a fix for this problem, Showbox asking for Captcha. One is creating the account in its site and log in with it. Next thing is to install any working old app version and watching the films.

  • Go to or open the official VK website.
  • There you’ll see option to register a free account.
  • Type your first and last name.
  • Then your phone number and you’ll acquire a code to your mobile.
  • Just paste it there for the purpose of verification.
  • Now, you’ll be asked to generate a new password.
  • Just type whatever you wish and do remember it.

Show Box VK Log In/Sign Up Error Solution

Now, minimize that one and get back to the app Showbox, now you’ll observe that it’ll ask for log in. There, you can use the info what you’ve given for VK sign up. Enter the correct captcha and observer what happens.

If you can’t open it, then 3.84 is the old version which is playing some movies and shows. These things were not played previously, now they are avail. So, this is another option for you.

The updated app will come very soon, like they released today. We’ll post all the trending and hot news about this app, keep visiting this site. We all need to be patient, just a few days and you’ll be able to use it as usually. Share your ideas in the commenting section.

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