WhatsApp Introduces Free Voice Calls & It’s Rolling Out World Wide

WhatsApp now got the free voice calling feature as they announced already. This news has been revealed by an Android user who is using the current version of WhatsApp in his Smartphone. He has taken the pictures and recorded the free voice calling feature of Whatsapp and then shared with other people in the Reddit. With that, so many users has came to know regarding this. He is recognized as an Indian and now it’s available in India and it’s rolling out slowly to each corner of the world. (Must Check: WhatsApp Download For PC).

This feature of WhatsApp works only in the invite-only basis, which means, whoever you wanna make a voice call, they also need to get the present running Whatsapp version. If they have it, then no problems, you can proceed. Actually in older versions of Whatsapp, you’ll see Contacts and Chats tabs at the top. Now the Calls tab has been placed at one side of them, you’ll notice three quick tabs right at the top.

WhatsApp Free Voice Calls Introduced & Rolling Out

Now you’ll feel contacts in your WhatsApp as your mobile contacts because it has got such a good listing organization. When you tap on Calls, it’ll show all the contacts and you can dial that number. It also stores your recent dialed numbers which allows you to make a redial speedily without taking much time.

You’ve call handling settings such as sending a message while you’re in a call, loudspeaker and mute option. It’s exactly like a mobile dialing and recently WhatsApp has released the Web version WhatsApp.

Firstly, WhatsApp was only in the Android phones but then an android emulator has been created to use WhatsApp for PC and recently it has been released in the Google Chrome web version. It has also got WhatSim to make free calls from anywhere. No one can expect how much time it takes to expand throughout the world but hope it’ll come soon.

This is what we got for you about this WhatsApp voice call making feature. I believe you find it useful, share it with your allies and circles. Leave a comment, if you wanna say anything about this topic.

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